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"Too Much Light - Not Enough Light"

A leading technical company had an important partner awards program they were eager to host in-person, after having to produce and manage virtual versions over the past two years. Having selected an incredible venue, the client and production teams set about planning a great event.

The big issue at hand when building the production in this venue was the abundant natural light emanating from the glass atrium above the seating area, to the four floors of windows facing into this same location. How would the production team incorporate the changing look and feel of the evening sky and the need for awards level lighting and screen content to shine without taking away from the ambience of the space?

Taking advantage of the light streaming into the room at the outset of the event, the production team chose to match the slowly decreasing light from outside as evening turned to sunset and finally to night and the lighting around the room and networking areas of the venue slowly increased and by the time the attendees were seated for dinner, night was upon the venue and the large onstage LED screen and functionally designed lighting throughout the venue were a highlight of the evening.

The client appreciated the planning and development of a solution that embraced and played upon a perceived drawback, which could have washed out all the good planning and great content. Throughout the evening, the lighting played a supporting role in the celebration while also enhancing the experience from start to finish.

“Amazing job!! Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for making the Awards show look so ‘easy’ to produce. The night was a huge success production wise. Thank you for bringing on such a great group of technicians and production staff. The client is so happy!”

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