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Where to start? 
Corporate event production can be really daunting, even for seasoned professionals. We are here to help navigate this incredible city we just so happen to call home! So, start with Big Rock.

Although Big Rock is known as a global event production company, we originally built our reputation out of the Pacific Northwest. Years of service in this community have provided us with a unique set of relationships, partnerships, and insights into corporate events in Seattle. Here are our top three reasons to host your next corporate event in Seattle!



Production Support


Big Rock Productions has been able to trail blaze a new standard for corporate events and large meetings in the Pacific Northwest. Our almost two decades of event production and management experience here have provided us with a series of unique opportunities to grow alongside our areas best and brightest.​ We believe that relationships are the keystone of any good production. Trust, communication and experience not only ensure the success of your event today, but future activations as well. You will find that this community is chalked full of individuals that are not only professional and talented, but kind and thoughtful.


  • What makes Seattle's production capabilities different than other cities?  "Seattle is in a unique position for several reasons. The main incentives for production in our area are not limited to our addition of two state of the art large scale event facilities. If we had to pick one advantage, it would be the standard of excellence that has been developed in our area. Not just in production but in the way our crews are cared for and how much they care their clients and partners."

  • Why do you see more productions happening in Seattle? "Two main reasons. First, this area of the country boasts a perfect combination of career opportunities and natural beauty. Making it an ideal destination for the vast majority of organizations. And secondly, our community has invested not only into our two new state of the art event spaces, but we have cultivated a culture of excellence in production and beyond.


The elephant in the room is obviously the two new world class venues . With modern technology and the right production team, the possibilities are endless! 
This list is a great place to start. But, there is no substitute for a few seasoned professionals to help guide you into the perfect fit. Our nearly two decades of production experience in the pacific northwest have allowed for our relationships to develop not only with our communities venues but the folks who know them best.

1. Climate Pledge Arena: Newly remodeled as the home to the Seattle Kraken, this could be the perfect solution when you need a unique and memorable venue that will create atmosphere and excitement for your attendees. Climate Pledge Arena .com

2. Summit: The Seattle Convention Center’s newest addition is an incredible new building with space, views and access to the city like never before! Seattle Convention Center .com

Seattle has a variety of excellent hotels that are also ideal for conferences and meetings of all sizes. Below are some of the options to consider when planning your stay in the Emerald City. But for a more extensive list or personal recommendations, contact us!

1. Showbox SoDo/Market: The Market location can accommodate over 1000 guests in a standing-room configuration, is fully furnished with house sound and lighting systems, a professional kitchen, four full bars, and a multi-level floor plan that allows for incredible sightlines. Showbox added to its family in 2007 with the addition of the larger Showbox SoDo, a converted-warehouse-turned-concert venue located just south of the sports stadiums in the SoDo district.
2. Sheraton Grand Seattle: Over 75,000 square feet of meeting and event space, making it one of the largest conference hotels in the city. Conveniently located in downtown Seattle, close to Pike Place Market and other popular attractions.
3. Hyatt Regency Seattle: 1,260 guest rooms and 103,000 square feet of meeting and event space, this is another top choice for conferences and meetings. This hotel is located in the heart of the city's vibrant downtown, close to shopping, dining, and entertainment.
4. Fairmont Olympic Hotel: A luxurious option for conferences and meetings. This hotel offers 28,000 square feet of meeting space, including a grand ballroom, and catering services.

Venue Selection

Group Dining 

After a successful event good food is a must and is often the last thing a client wants to wrangle post show. Seattle happens to have an incredibly diverse food scene that can easily cater to different tastes and dietary needs. From swanky rooftop bars and upscale dining experiences to classic hole in the wall comfort food. Here are a few dining options for groups in Seattle that you should consider:


  1. Dahlia Lounge: The Dahlia Lounge is a popular restaurant that offers Pacific Northwest cuisine, focusing on local and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant has several private dining options, including the Northwest Room, which can accommodate up to 40 guests.

  2. The Crab Pot: The Crab Pot is a seafood restaurant that offers a fun and interactive dining experience. The restaurant's signature dish, the Seafeast, is a seafood feast that can feed up to six people!

  3. Canlis: Canlis is a fine dining restaurant that offers panoramic views of Seattle's skyline. The restaurant has several private dining options, including the Winelist Room, which can accommodate up to 18 guests.

Looking for more dining options? Check out Visit Seattle they do a fantastic job of displaying the areas best eats!

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