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Production Expectations Should Be Changing

Live events are back and that means those of us in the events world are gearing up for what promises to be an interesting mix of live, and hybrid events as we head into the second half of 2021 and move into 2022.

Planning is already in motion for many projects coming up this Fall and into Winter/Spring of 2022. Production expectations are changing on both the client side and the audience/attendee side and that's going to take a different mind-set when it comes to solutions to most effectively get your message out to these two audiences. There are now more elements to consider when planning for a hybrid meeting comprised of different audiences. Decisions about how you tell the same story to your live audience and your online audience at the same time and make it equally compelling. 



Scheduling space, working with the best technical operators and engineers, finding designers, and securing the necessary equipment are all now more important than ever in these new production environments. The technical expectations can quickly outpace the availability of quality equipment and labor in even the normal event cycles. Now is the time to do your research, talk with colleagues, and find a good production company who will partner with you and collaborate to develop the solutions you and your clients will need to be successful in today and tomorrow's event productions. 

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The in-person audience knows what they're getting for the most part, but with the addition of more dynamic streaming, online viewing experiences create wonderful opportunities to expand the message or the brand and bring depth to the content.  How the story is told is now more important than ever before. The depth of content can be increased using second screens, XR/AR/AI and technology that is not just emerging, but smashing into everyday use. Dynamic and motion backgrounds are now common-place and expected in many settings and situations.

Let's talk budgets. The new technology and capabilities extending the reach of your content messaging is going to cost more than it did two years ago, and even last year, when online technology was rapidly growing and expanding. You should expect to see anywhere from 30% - 50% and in some cases up to 100% cost increases depending on the solutions you employ and the locations you select to produce your meetings.  

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